Message from Vice – Chancellor

Dr. H. A. Pandya

Over more than four decades, B.K.School of Professional and Management Studies, has been facilitating and promoting academics and research in emerging areas of higher education with special reference to management studies. This mission provides the foundation for translating dreams into reality of visionaries by providing value-based quality education for students to all sections of the society and to make higher education an effective instrument for socio economic transformation of the Nation. B.K.School is dedicated to produce global management executives of the 21st century and it has created niche by providing quality innovative Program in an industry oriented professional erudition. We urge to produce competent and competitive mindset to fulfil the aspirations of the students and to blend the work experiences of executives with modernized curriculum in management.

B.K.School not only emphasizes on quality education but also accentuate on inculcating values and skills to become better citizens under the aegis of Corporate Social Responsibility series. We observe Corporate Social Responsibility with very strong objective to develop our students as a responsible citizens and highly evolved members of society who will be having willingness to give back to society more than they receive.

Finally, we believe that you would take pride in our institute as we are known for imparting energy, erudition, academic achievements and devotion to duty. Our standards are challenging and we are dedicated to help you meet those standards. We will judge our success as an institution by how well you succeed in realizing your potential as a scholar and in your future professional stint.

Dr. Prateek Kanchan

Director - B.K.School of Professional and Management Studies

B.K.School of Professional and Management Studies has always been acknowledged to develop a distinctive brand of leadership, equipped to address critical challenges faced by industry and society. India being one of the fastest growing economies of the world would require professionals having latest technical and professional knowledge and skills. We have the responsibility to prepare the students for the future and this requires constant introspection, foresight and effective implementation.

The success of B.K.School is not sheer luck but a result of clear focus, vision and determination. We had a vision of excelling in the genre of education system and the rankings awarded by various prestigious organisations to our institute are the testimonials to this fact. Our strong foresight helps us to adapt ourselves quite easily to the changing environment, compete with others and make a mark of our own. Each member of BK has worked diligently and the priority has been to nurture, educate and craft remarkable professionals.

This has been achieved through capacity building in technical and soft skill, in order to make them capable of competing with peers in the corporate. In the last 45 years we have been triumphant in producing excellent leaders and entrepreneurs and the efforts in this context shall continue eternally.

We have extremely dedicated team of faculty members who guide, mentor and counsel the students continuously and bring out the best from them. The Faculty also stalwartly believes in attainment of goals and accordingly adapt to changes around, this skill is deftly conveyed to the students as well.

We are sure that our journey to excellence would continue with faster pace in approaching years with our reinstated commitment to disseminate quality education in the fields of Management and Information Technology.

Dr. Mamta Bramhbhatt

Head of the Department - Business Intelligence

Earning above average return is one of the main objectives of running any business entity. Organizations today, look for people who are able to visualize information available around them to build a profitable future for organization.

The Department of Business Intelligence is in complete alignment with this prominent quote. We do understand the essence of having relevant and reliable information at the right time to support data-driven decisions in organizations, having said that it is needed in every functional domain of business. Hence, we at our department enable our students with skills that are required to improve the organizational performance by providing business insights.

The department empowers student by providing a culture that emphasis attention to detail, persuasion & adaptability, working in teams & independently with strong planning and organizational skills. A comprehensive curriculum is at place for this course which encompasses tools and software needed by management graduates for excellence in performance. We have well established industry connect to groom our students about the expectations of industry. Thus, Department of Business Intelligence is a perfect choice for all those aspirants who are willing to stay update as per current corporate scenario and learn new techniques of handling complex situations faced in different functional areas.

So all those who wish to shape, enhance and sharpen their managerial skills
to stay relevant, upgraded and distinct in their corporate journey are
welcomed to join our team