About Business Intelligence

About- Department of Business Intelligence

Success of business depends on type of informed decisions taken by managers. It needs a holistic approach to understand and make decisions that are appropriate for business success. Lot of information is gathered from environment by managers to create appropriate strategies. Just gathering or collecting information is not enough, analysing the data and presenting them in actionable information with implications is essential in each functional domain. The young aspirants of management education need to learn these skills and upgrade them continuously to withstand the rigorous corporate environment.

The Department of Business Intelligence aims at cratering the needs of young aspirants to get educated and upgrade with the demands of the corporate houses. The department seeks to build industry ready professionals by offering diversified contemporary course capable of meeting the turbulence of time. The department aims at shaping, enhancing and sharpening the skills set of student community. The department has a strong focus on developing a contemporary curriculum consistent with latest trends in the industry. Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process which needs updated skill for which strong industry interface is developed. Students are given live projects, internships, industrial visits and frequent guest lectures to understand the latest happenings of industry. We persistently seek and adopt innovative methods in our teaching learning process with an objective of improving quality in higher education on a consistent basis.

Identity of Business Intelligence Department

  • Shaping: Develop our students into future pioneers and entrepreneurs in the field of Business Intelligence.
  • Enhancing: Join hands with the industry to keep the learning curve always in line with needs of the industry.
  • Sharpening: Continuously strive for knowledge generation and keep the institute in tune with the changing world.